Saturday, June 25, 2016

How Can You Get Involved? Why Should You Get Involved? -- Sewing Project

I'm so excited about all the creating and giving going on in the name of the Lord! We just finished assembling 100 LuoPad bags (filled with 6 pads, 2 underpants, washcloth, qt.-size ziplock bag, & safety pins.) Whoop!

How Can You Get Involved:
I have been making little "kits" for those who would like to help out with our LuoPad project when we are not meeting at the church. I have a couple of different options:

1. Tracers/Cutters: I have a bag of flannel or towels with a wooden template so the material can be cut and returned to me.  
2. Sewers: I have a bag of pre-cut flannel & towels to give to someone who can sew 10 pads and return to me.

If you want to find me at church on Sunday, I will be in S.School room A208 at 8:45 am (we usually don't start til closer to 9 am) and will be in the Gathering Place near the steps going up to the balcony (theater side) between the 2 worship services at Shandon Baptist. My number is 803-315-6614. 
[Important Side Note: if you have already taken some to work on at home, please shoot me an email so I know where all the materials are.--I've lost several wooden templates made by the Dickinson boys so far, and Kynn and Lorie Harris have made me some more. I just want to create a list to keep up with everything.]

Here is what I look like (for those I haven't met, yet!):

Why Should You Get Involved?
Yesterday I spent time talking with Marvin Bozard--who works with coordinating missions activities all across the globe. Because of his travels, he explained how women are treated and looked upon in many countries of the world. It is so different from what we know here in America. 

There is a film that they use with women that is essentially The Jesus Film, but told through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. It has an emphasis on how much Jesus cared for WOMEN time and time again. For so many ladies, they have never been told how much they are valued, so this is a very powerful video. I found a YouTube link of the video Magdalena.
They are using this video to reach those who have never heard by taking in portable projectors to remote areas. (My husband Jim used one when he went to E. Africa this winter to teach about agriculture techniques.) 

All this to say that when we deliver these LuoPads--the washable, reusable sanitary pads for women, we are sending the message that we care about these women, enough to make and send a gift they greatly need. The women are in disbelief that people would care about THEM (not just the men!)  And that is the point, isn't it? That God cares so much for us that He desires a relationship with us . . . for eternity! 
If we can't go reach them, we can offer the gifts we do have! 

I am hoping to go to E. Africa on mission with my husband next winter and hope to get to meet some of the women on the receiving end of these gifts! 

Thank you for your efforts and enthusiastic hearts!  It is such a blessing to me! And thanks for the patience to take the time to read this whole darn thing! Whew! 

Now some technical stuff: 
1. Here is the link to the Step-By-Step instructions for making the pads:
2. EDEN (Educational Development in Emerging Nations) does have a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit ministry status for those who may be interested in donating materials for the project and receiving a receipt for tax purposes. {The flannel, underwear, and washcloths for the kits can add up!}

Kristin Mixson
Aspiring to say as Paul did, "And they glorified God in me." Gal. 1:24

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