Friday, June 26, 2015

Love Thy Neighbor

New twist on outreach! Jim started harvesting the sweet corn this morning! (It isn't a good harvest year--as it has been in the triple digits for a couple of weeks.) But we did get some.  Each year, we deliver corn to friends and neighbors.  

Today I started delivering to my neighbors and was able to share about the details regarding we are doing for South Sudan:  Collecting Bibles, flannel sheets, and old towels. 
OPPORTUNITY for OTHERS to join me!  Woo Hoo! Mrs. Crouch even gave me $40 to help pay for the flannel I purchased yesterday.

The Bigger the Assignment . . .

The Bigger the Assignment, 
the Longer or More Challenging Circumtances He uses to Prepare Us.
According to On Mission With God by Willis & Blackaby Week 1 Day 4, God specifically prepares us to be shaped into the character he wants to use.
  • Abraham spent 40 years before fathering Issac.
  • Moses was 80!
  • David spent 10 years after being anointed king so God could prepare him to lead His people to HIM.
  • Peter spent 3 years WITH Jesus, but another 10 years passed before he began to lead the church to reach out to Gentiles.
  • Paul spent 14 years before his first missionary trip.
  • John was age 90 before he wrote the Gospel of John and The Revelation.

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I'm 48. Wonder what God has in store for me? I don't know, yet, but I'm studying!
Image: Kristin studying her workbook while at the car dealership

Thrift Store Dumpster Diving

Thursday, June 24, I went Dumpster Diving in the Goodwill Clearance Store on Meeting Street.
It was by far the most interesting experience I've had this summer. Some of the bins were on pallets and 4-feet high.  I was bent deep and covered in hunting for flannel. This (above) was the store with that produced the most--25 lbs/$30 worth.
Image From: Shawna K. on Yelp
10 Thrift Stores Visited! 
Why shop?  I am purchasing flannel sheets to use in making feminine sanitary pads for the ladies in South Sudan. We are on a two-part mission.  1. We will be making pads to send to the missionaries in South Sudan to give out to the women out of love and an opportunity to reach out to them so they may share/spread the gospel. 2. We will send materials to South Sudan so the ladies may make their own pads--enabling them to "Teach a man to fish", so to speak.
His House Thrift Store on Hwy 1 near Barnyard Flea Mkt. is my favorite His House.
Stepping Stones Thrift Store on Hwy 1 near the Cayce-West Columbia Library was the most generous/best value. They even gave me a dozen Bibles for free to add to our shipment to S. Sudan. Faith Based!
St. Paws Thrift Store in Triangle City was the cleanest and best shopping experience for a regular middle class girl like me.
Learn about the need for pads:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Adventure!

Good Morning! It is an exciting adventure to start a new ladies bible study group! We are studying through On Mission with God by Willis and Blackaby.
We just started last night, and I have a suspicious feeling that the Lord is up to something very BIG in my life and the lives of the other ladies in our small group!