Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mandrake Bargain

Sometimes just reading about the twisted misery of others makes me really appreciate my own blessings. This morning in my quiet time, I read about Jacob's wives Leah and Rachel, who fought  for their husband Jacob's attention.
I cannot even imagine how contorted daily life would have been with this mentality. In Genesis 20 (MSG)
15 Leah said, “Wasn’t it enough that you got my husband away from me? And now you also want my son’s mandrakes?”Rachel said, “All right. I’ll let him sleep with you tonight in exchange for your son’s love-apples.”16-21 When Jacob came home that evening from the fields, Leah was there to meet him: “Sleep with me tonight; I’ve bartered my son’s mandrakes for a night with you.” So he slept with her that night. 
Thank You, God that I have a sweet, wonderful husband who loves me. What kind of a man hears that his wife has bartered to be able to sleep with him for one night? I'm just having trouble respecting Jacob. He seems like a real jerk. Times 10.
Image: Detail from a painting by Joseph Fuhrich: 
note the contrast between Rachel (left) and Leah (right)
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