Friday, January 13, 2017

Fear Leads One to Deceit

In Genesis 31, Jacob decides to leave his father-in-law's land and head back to his homeland. He is afraid Laban won't let him go. So, Jacob sneaks away with all of his possessions while Laban is out of town.
Rachel, meanwhile, steals her father's household gods, hides them in her camel blanket, and sits on them. She lies and says she is having her period and can't get off the camel during the big search.

On first blush, it is so easy to blame and accuse both Jacob and Rachel of being deceitful.  Why would God choose faithless and untruthful individuals to build the foundation of His people? Then I started to look inward.  I can't see my own faults the way others who would sum up my life in a chapter might.  I don't visualize my sins and weaknesses in neon colors on the pages of history. But if I could, what would I see?

What was really going on in the minds of Jacob and Rachel for them to act the way that they did? Jacob was afraid he would lose his family and possessions.  Rachel was afraid she wouldn't be successful without her gods to help her. Both weren't trusting in GOD to provide and protect.

When I do and say stupid stuff, it is often because I'm afraid someone will falsely accuse me of not measuring up to what is expected. My pride in being blameless is more important to me than trust that God has got this. God wasn't going to let Jacob down. God wasn't going to let Rachel down. Yet they didn't TRUST Him. They acted out of fear.  It lead to deceit.

God, please help me trust in you when I am afraid. Help me to lay aside my pride and realize that it isn't all about me. It is about You. You've got this. When I connive to prove my innocence or plan to defend myself and reputation, help me to pause, and remember Whose I am. I am Yours. You are greater than any circumstance I face or sin I commit. Father, I confess that I am weak, and You are strong. You are able to go before me. You made this jar of clay. You are the potter.
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