Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wild Rose in the Ditch

I was walking Fred along the outerbelt road to I-26 next to a big ditch.  That's when I spotted the little pink rose in among all the weeds and trash. It reminded me of what I feel like in my life at times. 
I talk too much. 
I'm undisciplined. 
I don't have any best friends. 
Repeatedly my words or actions have unintentionally hurt others.
I have to take Prozac.
I'm not a very good judge of character or choice-maker.
But every once in a while I am reminded that all the crazy parts that make up who I am, all the decisions and choices I've made, all the work I have done, actually does produce  a sweet little rose of blessing at times. 

At this time, I'm preparing for our ladies summer bible study at Shandon Baptist. It will be based on Andy Stanley's sermon series: Time of Your Life. I'm trying to create a Guided Study to go along with it. One of the things I'm considering is the lives of different women in the bible, the choices they made, and how history remembers them. For example, Ruth was just a poor Moabite widow--yet she made a huge impact on history--her faithfulness is remembered as the foundation for King David's family heritage. Esther was a displaced orphan refugee, and her choices saved her entire race  from attack. Naaman's wife's servant maid pointed him to God. She was just a slave, but she's recorded as being a blessing for all of history to read about. I'm just a school teacher, married to a farmer/deacon/Sunday school director.
Being faithful to God in the little things is bound to produce opportunities of being a blessing to others. We don't know what the future holds, we don't know who we might influence, but we do know our days are numbered, so we might as well start buckling down now and make some wise choices. In the midst of all the crazy world we live in, we might just produce a sweet wild rose.

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