Sunday, May 15, 2016

Overboard & Working Girl

In the late 1980's, two movies came out that I watched again and again and again--I had video-taped them on my VCR when I signed up for cable TV: first month free access to a movie channel. Overboard and Working Girl both told the stories of women who got second chances and turned their futures around. The movies inspired me that I could have a do-over, too. I could be whatever I wanted to be and walk away from my past.

Today in my quiet time, I read in John 5 about a guy who got a do-over.  The Bible didn't even mention his name--just his position: first he is called an Invalid, and then he is called the Healed Man. For 38 years, this guy hung out by a special pool with multitudes who were crippled, blind, and even paralyzed. He told Jesus how helpless he was by blaming that others could always get into the healing waters faster than he. I can't possibly imagine what life would have been like with no hope of ever being a productive and useful member of society. I suppose a lot of people are in that situation, even today. I don't know how they cope.

Then Jesus comes and heals him. What to do now?? He has no skills. He has no clientele. His best friends are all incapable of doing anything, either. 
The next place we find him is in the Temple. I imagine that is the absolute best place for him to be. Jesus found the Healed Man in the temple, approached him, and told him he'd better go his way and SIN NO MORE, lest something worse happen to him. Now this is where I bring in the movie references--the guy has got to make some big life changes. He is given a second chance.  It is time to turn from sin to holiness--or it's gonna get really bad.

This story reminds me of the reason I'm wanting to do the Shandon Summer Ladies' Bible Study: Time of Your Life by Andy Stanley. It is time to make some changes. It is time to stop wasting my life. Time to take up my bed and walk. I wonder what that's gonna look like. 
I'll soon find out.


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