Saturday, April 2, 2016

2016 Jan. 4 Ancient Forefathers Aged Well!

In my quiet time, I've been reading in Genesis. At work, I teach science. So when I read about people being 900 years old in the scriptures, my mind goes to work wondering about the DNA in our ancient forefathers--how an amazing God created us with such complexity that living things are able to adapt and change, and that it is all programmable in our DNA. I love it! 
Then I start thinking about my personal health struggles--how my pattern involves getting to a desired/healthy size--then gaining 5 lbs each semester until I wake up 3 years later, and am overweight again. Yo-Yo. It cannot be healthy on my body or organs to live like this. I wonder what 900 years of living like that would look like! Ha!

So, I'm currently 48. My amazing grandmothers died at 99 and 100, so I figure I've got half my life ahead of me. Barring an accident, cancer, or some other interference from the world, I currently have the opportunity to quit this yo-yo madness and take care of this incredible body God has given me responsibility for. 
I'm in! 
(P.S. I'm thankful for the SparkPeople blogging opportunity so I can write about God, science, and my own personal struggles without feeling judged, challenged, or ridiculed! I've had fun reading the craziest posts about funny memes, heartbreaking struggles, and artfully crazy people. What a forum! I love FB, but it is just too public an audience to be naked and honest about real life pressures leading to victory o
r defeat.) 

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