Saturday, April 2, 2016

2016 Jan. 13 Eating With Sinners

In my quiet time today, I'm reading Matthew 9--and in the real world, I'm trying to track my nutrition, exercise, and water intake. So I've got food on my mind in all that I do. 
I happen to notice the food references so much more when I'm reading now! 
For example: In Matthew 9, Jesus calls Matthew, the tax collector, to "Come and follow Me." In the next verse, Jesus is EATING at Matthew's house with a bunch of disreputable characters. The beautiful/powerful/self-righte
ous people question Him as to why he is eating with sinners. Jesus's reply is that it isn't the healthy who need a physician, but the sick. 
When I think about it, a lot of beautiful and powerful people are pretty darn good at self-discipline and making safe choices. But me, I'm one of those sinners in need of a Savior who will sit down and eat with me, the REAL me. He knows my needs and is willing to reach down at my level and accept me where I am. No judgment, but stretching out with a physicians touch to heal my brokenness and insecurities. He knows I have problems with self-discipline, but chooses me to "Come and Follow" anyway. 
Lord, thank You for choosing me, loving me, and dining with me. Heal my brokenness and hold my hand as we walk through this thing called life. Amen. 


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