Saturday, April 2, 2016

2016 Jan. 11 A Hearty Meal and a Blessing

Reading Genesis 27 this morning: After preparing a hearty meal, Isaac blesses his son Jacob before Isaac dies. 
Food again. I suppose the scripture is full of food references, and I've never taken the time to ponder the significance until now--since food has become such an important part of my recent concentrated efforts. 
Food has such an important place in our lives--not just for sustenance, but also for meaningful occasions and celebrations. I know it isn't meant to be counted and measured all the time, like I am doing now. But the alternative was not healthy, either--eating whatever I felt like and whenever I felt the urge. I am building healthy habits by measuring and choosing better foods. Once I get this down for a few months, I'm hoping the practice will make me more balanced without all the effort. 
And another thing--I've noticed how much better food tastes when you are HUNGRY! MMMMM... 
On a different note, inviting friends and family to dine can have great importance in relationship building and blessings. I want to be a part of THAT. I don't typically have people over often because I rarely think about it. It is an area I think would bring my family and me joy. With all this goal-setting I've been doing in the new year, that one would be amazing. So much to think about . . . 
Here is to using SparkPeople to help me find a better balance in my life and up my blessing factory! 
PS The pic is a meal that was prepared by a friend on my first week back of teaching this school year--I was overwhelmed, tired, and burdened with what to make for my family that night while driving home from work. Girlfriend met me in a parking lot off the interstate on my way home with a box full of supper for my family. She just "happened" to make a lot that night and insisted on sharing when she heard how exhausted I was. See what I mean about hearty meals and blessings? 

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