Saturday, April 2, 2016

2016 Feb. 9 Unappreciated. Taken Advantage of. Anger

Ok, so today's blog is definitely NOT a devotional from my quiet time. It is a rant. Prepare to NOT BE INSPIRED or ENCOURAGED. 
Here is to hoping that no one I work with is actually on SparkPeople or reading my blog. 
Teaching 6th grade in a public school is exhausting. I am an enthusiastic, creative, and organized teacher, and I must say I do a thorough job of it. But it is NEVER enough! We are bombarded with more and more and more responsibilities and expectations that are not what I would consider the Prime Objective: teaching and learning. 
Twice last week we couldn't get enough substitutes to cover the missing teachers, so I voluntarily took two classes all day, combined into one. All right. I volunteered for that. I'm good with offering my services and accepting that. But when "special" schedules appear due to testing, pep rallies, "honor roll parades", etc. and my team of 6th grade teachers is expected to forfeit their planning time AND keep their homerooms an extra few hours, thereby enabling enrichment teachers to have several hours of "planning", it is getting old rather quickly! We have complained. We have explained. All to no avail. And somehow we are made to feel that we are being rebellious for requesting equitable treatment. Feeling disrespected. 
So yesterday, when the new schedule came out for Friday's assy.---and totally eliminated our planning period again, I'd had enough! I sent out a snarky email to all the administration. And I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I did it anyway, I was so mad. I'm so tired of being taking advantage of! 
And because I did THAT, I have been upset with myself. Totally. My whole body is irritated! I feel like I could explode. 
And that is not all. May I continue my rant? 
This is my 27th year of teaching. I can retire at the end of NEXT school year. My son is a junior in high school, so he would be finishing high school at the same time as I would be finishing up my 28th year. Tempting, isn't it? 
Well, my husband says I need to keep working while boy is in college. 
I am T-I-R-E-D of the exhausting toll teaching is taking on me! 
Ok, so here is the thing: my very bright boy currently is rocking a 56% in AP Physics and 54% in AP US History! He thinks he is going to go to Clemson and get an engineering degree. NOT with THOSE grades! He is L-A-Z-Y, isn't turning the work in, isn't studying. He isn't brushing his teeth, for that matter. Had to buy a new retainer, because he wouldn't wear the one he got when $5000 braces came off. $200 later, and new retainer, do you think he is wearing this one to bed? Nope. 
Back to my school rant. 
Why should I keep working for 4 or 5 more years to so that a spoiled boy can have his own phone and truck in college?????? He isn't doing his part, why should I work so hard to make him comfortable?? 
Let's just say that there was quite a bit of stomping around in the kitchen last night when I was making dinner. Yes, I'm angry. I got so mad, I ate raw cookie dough from the freezer and drank a can of soda, too. A few cabinet doors may have been slammed. 
I thought I would be calm and better by this morning, but I am still upset about it all. 

Thanks for letting me rant. Perhaps getting this off my chest will do me some good. 


PS Good News. My admin., no lie, said Thank You for the snarky email. It was well received. Unbelievable. Thank God I didn't offend, but made my needs clear.
Will sleep better tonight.
PSS I really debated posting this blog on my public Kritty On Mission site. I hate that I spoke poorly of my fabulous son and even my administration.  I decided to go ahead and post it because although it is true those are negatives about others--I will say that I have an amazing kid and I teach in literally the best school in the Midlands. Also, since this post, the schedule for our testing HAS been changed to accommodate for us and for our kids to have more enrichment time. We are all doing the best that we can. I know that. I respect my people.  But I figured most can relate to my experiences and identify with frustrating life while trying to maintain a godly view. 

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