Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ordinary People

One of the things I love about this summer ladies Bible study is getting to meet and get to know other believers. God is at work in all of our lives in different ways--and sharing all that He is doing is exciting and motivating!

In our On Mission With God Study (Willis/Blackaby), we have been learning about Moses. Moses insisted on holding on to his fear of speaking. God wanted to use Moses directly, but Moses wouldn't agree. He made excuses to God. (p. 63) But this is what we can learn from his experience:
"In His Grace He has decided He will use ordinary people through whom He will do extraordinary things--so that He will get the glory. God is looking for a people who will give Him the glory!"
and this:
"When God calls people, He does not seek leaders--because He is the Leader. He seeks servants who will follow."

This Friday, I was able to go to lunch with the sweet and wonderful lady who is following God's leading to create the feminine pads for ladies in Africa. Dana Cassell lives in Chapin, SC, and we talked all about helping women in empoverished nations and using this tool to show them God's love. Her heart is for the people of Zimbabwe. The hours and hours spent sewing, organizing, helping, and serving others to bring glory to Him is a beautiful picture of what He can do with our lives if we are willing to be ordinary people serving Him.
Here is a video of Dana explaining how the LuoPads are helping women.

The Vision Behind LuoPads from GAiNUSA on Vimeo.
(Here is the link to it:

And that is why I am posting on social media and telling all friends to please donate FLANNEL (old pjs, holey & stained worksheets, sheets) to support a ladies sewing project for S. Sudan.
"God never just works with one individual when He is on mission. Not Moses. Not you. He uses individuals to influence His people to be on mission with Him." (p. 69)

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