Thursday, July 2, 2015

God Uses You to Fulfill His Mission for His Glory

I love the statement, "You may think you were saved to go to heaven when you die, but God says, 'I saved you to be on mission with Me to redeem a broken world.'" (Willis/Blackaby p. 17)
So what is this mission I am on? "God is at work all over the world, and He cares for all peoples. He is establishing His kingdom locally, globally, and eternally." (Willis/Blackaby p. 25) At home I've been working on sewing pads for women across the globe.  But when out with my friend Lois Sunday night, God called us to work in his kingdom in 5 Points in the middle of Columbia, SC.

After eating supper, we picked up coffees at Starbucks. We met a sweet lady named Cat who asked me about South Sudan (I was wearing my Harvesters Reaching the Nations t-shirt).
Lois and I talked to Cat for at least 30 minutes. She is a Buddhist. When we left, Lois and I stopped to pray for Cat and her journey, may she see the need for relationship and redemption from our Savior. 
We took a walk up and down the shops and were approached by Shirley, a homeless woman asking for a slice of pizza. We took Shirley to get her pizza slice and orange juice.  She had been getting dialysis all day and lived at the women's shelter. We prayed again for our new friend in need. Or perhaps she was an angel.
I love me some Lois.  She brought 4 visitors to church this week--the guy who was helping her at Dick's Sporting Goods, and his whole family. She's a little evangelist!
"God uses you to fulfill His mission for His glory." (Willis/Blackaby p. 25) We were asked to write our own personal mission statement, this is what I came up with, 
"Lord, I would like my contribution in heaven to read that I served the Lord with a willing heart."


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