Wednesday, July 8, 2015

God is Always at Work Around You

"God is at work in my life because He has an eternal mission and wants to uniquely involve me in His purpose." (Willis/Blackaby p. 56)
"God will use events and people around you to open your eyes to what He is determined to accomplish." (p. 57)

Our assignment (p. 57) is to "Jot down an instance in the past 24 hours when you saw, read, or thought about some other part of the world or about the world's lost, distraught, suffering peoples that you think God may be using to get your attention."

This is the purpose of this blog--to contemplate and reflect on what how God is inviting me to become involved with Him in His work.  I am leading a group of ladies in this Bible study, and asking them to be On Mission, too.  I think it is appropriate to invite them to add their own blogs and comments because part of MY MISSION is to help them experience THEIR OWN MISSION.

How are YOU experiencing God this week? What do you believe He is saying to you?

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